Devecioğlu Cable Sales and Marketing Manager Sabiha Ay: “In the first quarter, we invested in cable production and grouping line machines and we continue to work on regions where we could not be active in the foreign market”

Devecioğlu Cable Sales and Marketing Manager Sabiha Ay: “In the first quarter, we invested in cable  production and grouping line machines and we continue to work on regions where we could not be active in the foreign market”

Devecioğlu Cable, which serves customers operating in many different sectors such as home appliances, automotive and construction with the cables and cable groupings it produces, provides services at international standards with the DEVKA brand. We spoke to Devecioğlu Cable Sales and Marketing Manager Sabiha Ay about production, the pandemic and goals for 2021. 

Can you tell us about your company? 

Since 1987 our company has been producing cables and cable groupings especially for the home appliance and small home appliances sector as well as the lighting, automotive, electricity and construction industries. In our factory established on a property of 6000 m2, 4000 m2 of which is indoors, we produce in accordance with international quality standards and environmental health. 

With a solution focused working principle we have maintained since our foundation and a sincere and honest business approach, we continue our business partnerships with foreign and domestic customers and our suppliers. Our production and our products have quality certifications ( İSO, VDE, TUV, ROHS, UL) and our quality is certified with the DEVKA brand.

What types of products do you have? What sector do you serve? 

Within our product range we have single core and multi core silicone and fiberglass woven cables (siaf, sia, siaf-gl, sia-gl, simh, simh-gl), silicone tubes, silicone profiles, signal lamps and cable installations. Our cable groupings are used mostly in home appliance products like ovens, electrical stoves, electrical heaters, toast, tea and coffee machines, refrigerators and freezers and in the small home appliance products sector. 

Can you tell us about your production infrastructure, technology and capacity?

The technological developments, changes in consumption habits, increasing needs and increasing competition that grow with each passing day make it necessary to diversify product and service quality, to invest in technology and to expand capacity. Our company has also been increasing capacity and investments in technology since its foundation and will continue to do so. We produce our entire product range within our own structure and do not engage in outsourcing. 

Why is your company and your products preferred above others? What are your quality standards?

We serve our customers with a dynamic staff of 50 people comprised of experienced colleagues, who have been working with the company for years, and our young, well trained colleagues who joined the company more recently. Responding quickly to the demands of our customers, producing with quality and according to needs and our business ethics are all reasons they prefer our products.  

Can you evaluate 2020 in terms of your company? How intensely did you feel the impact of the pandemic? Were you able to reach your domestic and foreign market sales goals for 2020? 

2020 was a dark year for the entire world but we were all reminded how important health is due to the pandemic. The pandemic had a negative impact on many sectors but our company managed this period in the best possible way and stood out as positive compared to the market. All precautions were meticulously and carefully taken in the first days of 2020 because the health of our employees is more important than anything. Without ever slowing down production, especially with the demand that accumulated after the second quarter of the year, we completed the year at a brisk speed and almost full capacity. Our entire production is exported either directly or indirectly, so we made up for the decreased demand from the Europe region during the first stage of the Pandemic with demands from the Middle East. After the second half of the year we managed to achieve our goals for 2020 with the demand coming in from both the domestic and foreign markets.

Could you share your domestic and international market expectations, goals and predictions for 2021?

We, as a team, are concentrating on our goals for 2021. We have invested in machines on the cable production and grouping line in the first quarter of the year in this respect and we are continuing to establish contacts and complete the necessary certification procedures to enter markets where we are not active yet in the foreign market. 

There have been supply problems since the beginning of the new year and the prices are fluctuating. We are working with as much foresight as possible to keep the rise in copper, which is our main raw material, from having a negative impact on our sales goals and to fulfill the demands of our customers as quickly as we can. With the values that the past year has taught us, added to us and taken away from us, we are better focused on our business with more discipline and ready to fulfill our responsibilities in 2021.