Hayo Enerji, the new brand of the sector, is redefining the rules in electrolytic copper and its products

Hayo Enerji, the new brand of the  sector, is redefining the rules in  electrolytic copper and its products

Hayo Enerji, the new brand of the 

sector, is redefining the rules in 

electrolytic copper and its products

Cem Sayar

Hayo Energy Sales Manager

Hayo Enerji Ar-Ge Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi is a new company that began production as of 2021.  What products will Hayo Energy's product range consist of, and where will these products be sold? We talked about all these issues with Hayo Energy Sales Manager Cem Sayar.

First of all, could you briefly introduce Hayo Energy?

As Hayo Energy, our production activity has started as of the beginning of 2021. Our activity is the production of electrolytic copper and its products. Our products are used as raw materials for the electrotechnical, electronic, motor, communications, electricity generation and distribution, solar energy, household appliances, measuring instruments, defense, automotive, construction and plumbing industries. Our goal is for Hayo Energy to be among the brands that have earned a place in the sector. Also, increasing our domestic and international market share is among our goals for 2021.

We are aware that we need to place importance on the following important points in order to be a permanent brand in the sector.

• Product quality

• Service quality

• Prompt delivery

• Reliability

We want to achieve our goals with the structure we have created on the basis of the components listed above. 

Where will your products reach? What proportions do you aim for in domestic and export? 

Export increases the competitiveness of a company and a country. The company will benefit from adhering to new technologies and methods, while the country will benefit from an improved trade balance. Intense competition in international markets encourages exporters to adapt their products to the needs of the market and this is how technological development is achieved. Therefore, we are aiming for our production capacity to be 50 percent domestic and 50 percent international sales. This year, as Hayo Energy, we are planning to achieve our goals and increase our capacity and product range in 2022.

What is Hayo Energy's vision for the coming period? What will your distinction be?

High value-added products can generally be supplied to the world market through heavy industry, high technology and advanced marketing techniques. The high value added products referred to here can not only be in terms of producing a product but also about developing it and making additions (innovations) and even designing it. In this context we plan to invest in producing high value added products. Silver coated copper wire and ultra thin copper wire production are what we are considering at the top of these investments. Our R&D department has already started working on these two investments.