3 June 2023 Saturday

Niğdelioğlu Metal General Manager Bekir Niğdelioğlu:
“We have left behind a year in which we had trouble meeting the demand despite the pandemic, our aim is not high profits but not to lose while we are working”

Despite the fact that 2021 was under the effect of a pandemic for our company, it was a year that we had difficulty in meeting demands in terms of quantity, so we did not have any capacity usage problems. To summarize our problems for 2021; while it was sufficient for us to declare the previously withheld VAT of our VAT receivables arising from the withholding application, since the condition that our customers must pay withheld VAT to tax offices was established as of March 1, 2021 we were forced to keep track of our customer’s VAT payments in order to get our VAT refund. Because the fact that the VAT refund we will receive is many times higher than our sales profit causes a decrease in our working capital, we face financial difficulties in the supply of raw materials that we receive in advance and pay VAT in advance. Also since we get our raw materials in USD, we always have exchange rate risk in the VAT refund process. The increase in copper and aluminum prices, which are our main raw materials, makes it difficult for us and our customers financially. This is why we were forced to reduce our sales with long term payments. Today, although we do not want unforeseen increases in metal exchange, natural gas, electricity and fuel oil, we have difficulty in achieving the increases because of market conditions and customer relations even though we are forced to revise our sales prices. Our goal is not high profits but not to lose while we are working.

Facilities, product
Presently the main outline of our products is as follows,               
At our Grade A cathode copper consisting of maximum 5ppm oxygen wire rod in diameters of 8.00 mm and 12.50 mm facility:

• 0.8 -15 micron copper wire tin coating in the diameter range of  0.80 mm - 3.00 mm,                           
• Mono copper wire in the diameter range of 0.10 mm - 3.50 mm,                                           
• Tin covered mono copper wire in the diameter range of 0.10 mm - 3.00 mm,                                           
• Heat treated, multiple copper and tin coated copper wires, copper and tin coated copper twisted wires in the diameter range of  0.12 mm – 0.50 mm                                       
At our constant casting from electrolytic aluminum ingot facility (min.%99,8 al)
• 9,50 mm - 12,0 mm- 15,0 mm aluminum wire,
• 1,30 mm - 4,60 mm diameter aluminum wire is produced.                                           
In the current period, we cannot see the uncertainties and unpredictable developments that may occur in the shadow of the war and how long this will continue. Therefore, we must take our steps more carefully. It is our goal to continue by expanding our product and machinery park according to customer demands, without compromising quality and customer satisfaction.