Although our sales were irregular due to the pandemic, the first 9 months were not far from our predictions in terms of amount

Despite our sales amounts being irregular in the first half of 2020 for our company due to the pandemic, we did not end up being far from our expectations in terms of total amount. In terms of profitability the sale prices were quite a bit off our expectations. 
As Niğdelioğlu Metal, we have been saying “human health first” and following all the recommendations of health organizations and authorities since the day the pandemic started. Many of our customers stopped or slowed down their operations at the beginning of the pandemic due to concerns of negative consequences. This naturally caused a decline in demand at our company from time to time.

During this period we gave some of our colleagues leave due to a reduction in work and security concerns. We required masks to be used in our factory. We also took other measures such as maintaining social distance, washing hands and face and using disinfectant, etc. because we want to fulfill our duties as a company and get through this difficult time with as little problems as possible and as quickly as possible.
We have seen a rise in customer demand since August. Despite our concerns about the pandemic, we believe that we as a company will survive without too much damage. We think that companies without sufficient operation capital in the sector may suffer.
We will complete the year without compromising on quality and customer satisfaction
Balances can change at any minute throughout the world and especially in our region. A pandemic has now been added to the already existing factors of the power struggles of global forces, economic sanctions and the unpredictable fluctuations in the exchanges rates as a result, so the uncertainties have increased. Therefore when planning for the future we know that we have to be prepared for any scenario. Despite all adversities, our goal is to continue operating and making investments this year without compromising on quality and customer satisfaction. There are always opportunities at every period.
We are the supplier of the cable sector
We serve the cable sector, which is our main customer base, with copper and aluminum cable cores and wires to be used in aluminum in the iron steel sector as a deoxidant, in metallizing work in the packaging sector and for flat and round bobbin production in copper and aluminum. 
Presently the main outline of our products is as follows,
At our Grade A cathode copper consisting of maximum 5ppm oxygen wire rod in diameters of 8.00 mm and 12.50 mm facility:
0.8 -15 micron copper wire tin coating in the diameter range of  0.80 mm - 3.00 mm,
Mono copper wire in the diameter range of 0.10 mm - 3.50 mm,
Tin covered mono copper wire in the diameter range of 0.10 mm - 3.00 mm,
Heat treated, multiple copper and tin coated copper wires, copper and tin coated copper twisted wires in the diameter range of  0.12 mm – 0.50 mm
At our constant casting from electrolytic aluminum ingot facility (min.%99,8 al) 9,50 mm - 12,0 mm- 15,0 mm aluminum wire and 0,30 mm - 4,60 mm diameter aluminum wire is produced.