Erse Kablo in Turkey’s First 1000 Exporters List

Erse Kablo took place in Turkish Exporters Assembly’s “Turkey’s First 1000 Exporters Research List”. Erse Kablo entered this list at the 995th place in 2017 and rose to the 684th place in the general ranking according to last year’s data. Erse Kablo is in the 40th place in the sectoral ranking. While a decrease of 7.41% was observed among cable manufacturers in terms of turnover compared to the previous year, Erse Kablo achieved a growth rate of 21%.

In this research carried out by Turkish Exporters Assembly, it provides the opportunity to observe the annual performances of the biggest companies of exports and to make many detailed analyzes, while guiding the exporting companies, the results of the studies carried out for the development of exports are also presented. Providing information about the research, Turkish Exporters Assembly President İsmail Gülle said “In 2019 the first 1000 exporter, our company has realized 62 percent of Turkey’s total exports to 103 billion dollars. 144 companies that export 5.8 billion dollars were included in the first 1000 exporters list in 2019. 856 companies managed to maintain their place in the list.”

Erse Kablo continues its production by analyzing the needs of foreign markets in the infrastructure, construction and industry sectors it serves in export. Erse has an important place with its exports to all over Europe, especially England and Germany; over 50 countries in Asia, Middle East and Gulf Regions. Erse is among the solution partners of many internationally renowned companies and projects by providing quality assurance. Erse is one of the solution partners of many internationally renowned companies and projects by providing quality assurance.

Erse, as a company that makes 85% of its exports with its own brand; It continues to develop sales and marketing strategies for Ervital, Erflex, Erline, Ervital Fire Safe Cable and Ervital Fire Safe Gold Cable brands. Erse underlines the importance it attaches to quality with its commercial, technical and production teams in 2020, following the world developments,  updating its international documents and testing laboratories.

Erse Kablo continues to progress by analyzing customer needs to sacrificing quality service. Erse Kablo registered the importance it attaches to customer satisfaction with its ISO 10002 certificate. Erse Kablo is proud to be a brand that is among the leading cable manufacturers that sector. Erse Management expressed their gratitude to the valuable employees, Erse’s team leaders and business partners of Erse who contributed to this success for the development of international trade.