“ETK Cable has reached its 2020 goals based on sales amounts at a rate of 80% domestically and 90% internationally”

ETK Cable, which provides its customers in different regions of the world with the advanced technology fiber optic cables and low voltage cables it produces, beat the odds and completed 2020 with successful performance despite the challenging conditions. We asked ETK Cable Assistant Commercial General Manager Mehmet Şahal about the company, its production activities, 2020 and their expectations for 2021. 

Can you tell us about your production? What are your product varieties?

ETK Cable produces in three main groups. These main groups are fiber optic cables, telephone cables and low voltage cables. The subgroups under these main three groups are external telephone lines, fiber optic cables, internal telephone lines, data/LAN cables, signal cables, fire alarm cables, fire resistant cables, instrumentation cables, control cables, coaxial cables, CCTV cables, railroad signalization cables, home and building automation cables, stage lighting cables and servomotor cables.

Why are your company and your products preferred? What are your quality and service standards?

ETK Cable aims to reach every individual with the high technology fiber optic cables and low voltage cables it produces. The main reason why ETK Cable brand products are preferred is the quality and the brand recognition achieved with this quality. The trust in the ETK Cable brand  is the reason for its preferability in many foreign and domestic projects. Another reason why ETK Cable is preferred in very large projects is being a solid company with competitive prices. While cables are not necessarily a product that is visible from the outside, ETK brand products used underground, inside buildings, in machines and other settings, carry out this mission.

Can you evaluate 2020 in terms of your company? To what degree did you feel the impact of the pandemic?

In 2020 ETK Cable aimed to reach markets it had not reached before and increase its brand recognition. Compensating for the weakening Middle Eastern market due to geopolitical reasons with developments in the Eastern Europe and Asian Markets was among ETK Cable’s strategies for 2020. The fact that ETK Cable achieved feedback from the investments it has made in research and development to increase its brand dominance especially among telecommunication operators and institutional companies with newly developed products in 2020 is proof that ETK Cable has realized its goals for 2020. The amount of cable produced increased compared to last year. This increase that took place across the board also had a positive impact on capacity utilization. Generally all the goals and expectations for 2020 were succeeded. 

It can be said that ETK Cable was one of the companies that was impacted the least during the pandemic and even observed positive effects during this time. When companies had to abandon Chinese suppliers and start looking for new suppliers in Turkey and joined the companies that prefer ETK Cable,  the first half of the year was a period in which expectations were met. ETK Cable’s global network, which already reaches over 95 countries, expanded even more during the global pandemic and throughout the year.

Did you achieve your domestic and foreign sales goals in 2020? Did the demand in the domestic and foreign market meet your expectations?

The COVID-19 pandemic had an impact on the cable sector just like in many social and economic sectors. When we consider the general state of the world and the restrictions that were enforced, there was a drop in the sales volume for sure but ETK Cable was not affected by the pandemic due to its existing projects and having the right partners in both the domestic and foreign distributorships. ETK Cable achieved its goals for 2020 in terms of sales at a rate of 80% domestically and 90% internationally.

During this time, companies that ensured their individual relations with customers advanced in a healthy way succeeded in ranking at the top. ETK Cable made sure to keep one step ahead throughout this period, whether it was to communicate with existing customers (logistical delays that could occur, protecting prices, etc.) or to keep potential customers informed. Since ETK Cable made the move to adapt quickly to the crisis period and kept its relations with customers that had redirected from areas where the pandemic was being more destructive at a healthy level, the company was able to continue this success in 2020.

Would you share your expectations and projections for the domestic and foreign market in 2021?

ETK Cable’s main goal again in 2021 is export markets … Due to factors like experience, the conditions not being ambiguous and working with the right payment plans the foreign market is important for ETK Cable. The company will capitalize more in 2021 on expanding its machine park and product portfolio and getting the necessary certifications for new products. We are continuing to work on some countries where the ETK Cable brand is not present but are important to us. In the domestic market the preference for ETK Cable is increasing thanks to strong distributors. The fact that ETK Cable has a wide variety of products for projects and meets the needs of customers correctly and completely confirm that it will be successful in reaching its 2021 goals.