Gurfil adapts to COVID-19, Remain Optimistic

By the end of 2019 could we possibly had known what future holds for us with rising threat of COVID-2019 virus epidemic?  The World Health Organization declared the outbreak a Public Health Emergency of International Concern on 30 January, and a pandemic on 11 March. Things have changed since the spread of the coronavirus disease over the past few months. Our lives haven't been the same. Today, we are not allowed to leave home without a mask.

Coronavirus has affected daily life in every corner of the world.  On every continent, governments were enforcing lockdowns and quarantines in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19.  Unprecedented numbers of people were out of work, or simply staying home as businesses shuttered and events were called off.  On 29th of February Wire&Tube 2020 the biggest event in Cable industry was postponed by Messe Dusseldorf due to corona virus outbreak. CABEX 2020 – the largest exhibition of cable and wire products in Russia, Moscow  was demolished for a conversion to a temporary COVID -19 hospital.

A strong public health care infrastructure, high developed local technology, and anticipatory actions have helped Turkish goverment to avoid scenarios similar to countries most affected by coronavirus.
Gurfil is a major cable industry supplier with Foil-Film-Tape, Wire and Machinery group of products. Globally, cable factories excluding low voltage cable segment have been running at almost full or half capacity. Cable is necessary item for humanity to live and develop, which means that materials for cable production will be always in demand. This gives us a right to hope that after the inevitable slowdown in the growth rate caused by the pandemic, there are enough reasons for a steady return of activity in cable sector.

Gurfil by firstly taking health precautions was continuing its activities. From the very beginning Gurfil was doing everything to protect its workers health and safety and to minimize the risk of disruption to its business. Employees with chronic diseases were allowed to work from home. Gurfil team was continuously monitoring the situation, establishing necessary guidelines to minimize the impact whenever possible to its employees, supply chain and obligations to its customers.
Gurfil research and quality department actively monitoring raw materials supply chain to mitigate any potential supply disruption.  We have asked suppliers to provide us with advance notification of any potential disruptions and provide assurance regarding the supply. Where necessary we have increased stock levels to manage delays or disruptions.
We will continue to share additional updates with our customers.  

Now the situation in the world is improving and now we expect a slowing down of infection and number of deaths.
The global and local economies will inevitably be impacted by this crisis which is slowing down the activity of all industrial sectors. The effect, while still complex to estimate, will be much clearer in the next two or three months.
Gurfil would like to wish all industry partners, our customers and readers of KABLOSAN magazine  to stay safe, to respect the Government precautions and keep the positive attitude. The virus is not stronger than the measures we will take. We’ll be stronger after all!