Hes Cable equipped the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge with advanced technology cables

Hes Cable, a company that provides special products according to the needs of any type of projects with a wide range of products, most recently provided its services to the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge Project. The foundation for this bridge, which will be unique as the “world’s largest medium span suspension bridge” when construction is completed, was laid on March 18, 2017. This monumental structure on the Çanakkale Straits, a region that has left a major impression on Turkish and world history, was designed to meet the highest engineering and aesthetic standards. When it is completed it will be the “world’s highest suspension bridge” with a main span of 2023 meters and 333-meter towers.

Hes Cable General Manager Şahin Nursaçan, who pointed out that they had their signature as a company on many important projects, added: “We are leading the sector in innovation and progress with the strength we derive from the top as Hes Cable and the cables and solutions we produce with nearly 50 years of experience while we continue to invest in environmentally friendly products and model systems.  We are proud that the fiber optic cables, low voltage cables and coaxial cables we produce using advanced technology and the new generation cables we have designed are giving inspiration to fast developing sectors like communication, telecommunication and automations.”