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Diamond Dies

COVID has taught the world how a tiny, invisible phenomenon has the potential to bring the world to a standstill. Drawing lessons from this experience is necessary. Size does not matter. The potential to cause an impact alone matters. Those who can protect themselves from such impact will be victors.

When it comes to cables and wires, every input component is vital. Of these one of the smallest components is the die for wire drawing. The smallness of the component does not diminish its importance. In fact, the smaller the size, greater its impact on the quality and productivity of the output.

At Mikrotek, India, planning and design start with the end use in focus. Mikrotek recognizes the importance of uninterrupted production, waste proof drawing, speed of drawing and the resulting quality of the wire drawn. Hence, we have designed and created a wide range of dies to meet every application. Whether it is 0.051mm for Aluminum wire, 0.180 mm for Steel wire or 0.193 mm for copper cable or for 18.00 mm wire compacting dies, the stability of the quality makes the die so dependable that the user can work with confidence that there will be no surprises or shocks.

Mikrotek's commitment to quality, dependability, ethics and versatility are the main reasons for them being patronized by top manufacturers across the world. Mikrotek’s  R & D will constantly progress towards making the products even more robust, innovative and economical. Mikrotek is always thankful to its customers for their consistent support in helping a growth of 10x in the last 3 decades. 

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