27 January 2023 Friday



R&D oriented production has brought Şenmak into the European League

Founded in 1987, Turkey's leading plastic processing equipment manufacturer Şenmak contributes to the country's economy by producing bolts and casings for the world's leading plastic machinery manufacturers in its modern production facilities in Hadımköy, after the Istanbul Bayrampaşa and İkitelli district facilities. Turkey’s leading bolt and casing producer, which has determined institutionalization as its continuous policy, currently employs 94 personnel in 15 departments.

Products are supplied to Western European machinery manufacturers all over the world from Hadımköy, which is a research-development oriented production base that forms the basis of a high-tech, value-added product in the field of plastics processing machinery. 

One of Europe’s 5 big producers

Pointing out that one of the reasons behind the success of being the leader in Turkey and one of the 5 biggest players in the European market is the continuous R&D, Şenmak Chairman of the Board Hüseyin Semerci stated that they increased the export rate by 5 points to 65% in the first half of 2021. Stating that they experienced a serious recession in their export markets with the effect of the Covid-19 epidemic in 2020, Semerci said, however, we observe a brighter picture with the availability of the vaccine as of 2021, the habits of living with the pandemic and the focus of industry players on their business. In the first half of this year, we increased the export rate to 65 percent. We continue our efforts to add new customers from many countries of the world to our references in order to increase this rate even more to the benefit of our company and our country.

Semerci, who pointed out that they supply products to the users of plastic machines in Turkey's one thousand largest industrial establishments and one thousand largest exporter companies, added “the bolts and casings we produce are supplied as spare parts to plastic manufacturers operating in more than 40 sectors, mainly automotive, appliance, packaging, electric-electronic, cable and construction plastics sectors.

We are proud to be the approved supplier of global machinery brands in the main export markets such as Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland and France as well as the domestic market”. 

Şenmak, continuing to be the first and only R&D Center in the plastics processing machinery industry that started operating in 2018, ranked 445th on the R&D 251+ list according to the research on Turkey’s Companies that have Spent the Most on R&D, with an expenditure of 2 million 463 thousand lira in 2020.

Şenmak carries out all its R&D work to increase productivity in production to meet the demands of customers. In addition to this work, the company improves its R&D and P&D processes through constant review. With the support received from universities and expert consultancy services, the knowledge of the R&D Center is constantly increasing. 

R&D work increases corrosion resistance

Semerci, who pointed out that the work done by the Şenmak R&D Department increases resistance to corrosion, added “A bolt that is produced by welding with the ŞENMAK-N, ŞENMAK-N+, ŞENMAK-K, ŞENMAK-K+ and ŞENMAK-F PTA welding powders becomes three times more durable  than a bolt that goes through the conventional processes. This enables us to have the advantage of quality which we provide to the market. All products carrying the Şenmak signature undergo quality control processes independent of the production stages”. 

Semerci: “We provide a reason for customers to prefer us when we combine quality products at reasonable delivery times”

Hüseyin Semerci, pointing out that when the quality, performance and design features are combined with the delivery times they provide, this makes the company preferable to customers, continued as follows; “Unfortunately, our country is not a country that produces its own need for tool steels and high alloy steels. All the steel we use in our products are of Western European origin. While we produce products that are at least equivalent to the quality of our global competitors in the final product, our R&D and P&D work pave the way for supplying value-added products. When we look at the past, the progress we have made thus far is a great source of morale and motivation for us.”