27 January 2023 Friday

The Significance of Diamond Dies in the quality of wire.

The Significance of Diamond Dies  in the quality of wire.

R. Manjunath / Sales Manager

Tunç Şenel / Mikrotek partner for te Turkey region

Mikrotek Machines Limited is involved in manufacturing & supply of wire drawing  Diamond Dies, Die reworking machinery and Die consumables.
In a conversation with Mr. R Manjunath, Sales Manager of the company and Mr. Tunc SENEL, Mikrotek’s partner for the Turkey region, shared their insights of the company, its products, services, etc...

KablosanTurkey: To start with, tell us about Mikrotek, its inception, and journey till now.

Mr. Manjunath: Mikrotek was established by our beloved Managing Director Mr. Batchu Kamal Babu in the year 1993. Initially, we have started manufacturing Die working equipment and expanded our portfolio with wire drawing Dies, Die inspection equipment and Die consumables.
Today, we are a preferred supply partner to many leading wire & cable companies. We have a ‘state of art manufacturing facility’ in the suburb of Bangalore, India and the registered office in Bangalore, India.
We have 185+ well trained operators working with us, supporting us in the manufacturing process. Today we offer a complete range of Dies, equipment & consumables required for wire and cable industry and our company is a “one stop shop for Die shops”.

KablosanTurkey: Could you please brief us about your product portfolio and services offered.

Mr. Tunc SENEL: “We Manufactures Natural Diamond Dies, Poly-crystalline diamond Dies, Special Mikrotek PCD (SMP), Mono/SSCD Dies, Mikrotek Nano Dies, extrusion Tooling etc., in various size ranges as per customer requirements. Our range includes Dies for Wire drawing, Enamel coating, extrusion, Compacting, Stranding and Bunching etc., 
We do Die reconditioning services for Dies of any make.
We indigenously manufacture & supply fully automatic and semiautomatic machines for Die reworking, inspection equipment and all Die consumables. We conduct  training program to train operators on Dies maintenance in our “Mikrotek Centre for Excellence” (MCX). we have two programs foundation course and refresher course including theoretical and practical training. Accommodation is provided near the Mikrotek facility.

KablosanTurkey: When did Mikrotek incepts its Market in Turkey and what are the future plans.

Mr. Manjunath: “We entered the Turkish market in the year 2012. It was a fair start for us. We have been encouraged by the cable industry. By 2015 we have become a preferred supplier to most of the leading Turkish cable companies. To provide domestic support to our customers, we have appointed Mr. Senel as our representative for the Turkey region. We are envisioned at becoming a reliable and quality Dies supplier for Turkey.” 
KablosanTurkey: As you know the Turkish Cable companies are highly demanding for high quality and on time deliveries. What can Mikrotek offer?
Mr. Manjunath: “Every order is processed with utmost care at Mikrotek. After getting the orders, the sales team coordinates with the planning department and acknowledges every order with a mutually agreed delivery date.
In turn, the planning department schedules and monitors to ensure on time dispatch.
Each individual Dies is assigned an identification number in the form of a bar-code. This ID makes the Dies traceable forever & contains details of blank used, operator worked, technology applied, specifications maintained, which are specified by the customer.
“We use genuine and first quality diamonds and raw materials for manufacturing Dies. We have our own proprietary technology called “Solid rock Technology” used in the Diamond mounting which makes our Dies durable and wear resistant.
The entire process is vetted by a quality assurance department with hi-tech and most modern Inspection equipment like DDG & Conoptica etc., at every stage in accordance with Lean. We strive to meet the expectations of our customers and give the highest level of satisfaction.
For regular customers we maintain internal stocks which helps in reducing delivery time and have delivered within 48 hours many times.”

KablosanTurkey: Mr. Manjunath, could you share your perception on what qualities makes a company - a good Die company?

Mr. Manjunath: A good Die company is usually the one which is reliable, trustworthy and preferably experienced. The company must have sound technical knowledge and be ready to share information on Die selection, usage and its proper maintenance. Moreover, a good Die company always supplies as per the customer requirement and advises the customer on specifications and correct blank or diamonds used. Also, ready to discuss and share latest developments and improvements. The company producing Dies should be willing to train the customer on Die maintenance. After sales service is also one essential feature of a good Die company.