Üntel Cables striking rise on the ISO Second 500 Largest Industrial Companies List

Üntel Cable, a company that is referred to for its success in the domestic and international markets with the rubber and specialized cables it produces and as a supplier for major projects, has proven its success by rising 84 places on the 2019 ISO Second 500 Largest Industrial Companies Lise. Ranked in 134th place last year, Üntel Cable rose to 50th place. Üntel also rose 7 place on the TET Electric-Electronic Export Honorary List announced in March to display its success in this field as well. 
Among the leading cable producers of our country founded with 100 percent domestic capital and with nearly 50 years of experience, Üntel Cable aims to further this success with new investments.

The Company General Manager and Board of Directors Member Ali Ömer Alemdar made the following evaluation; “Everyone has contributed great effort to this success from the lowest level to the highest level and I want to express my endless gratitude to all of them. As a company that has always aimed for better, we follow the developing world, technologies and human resources closely and implement them to prepare ourselves for better places. Our dynamic and visionary philosophy makes it easier for us to reach these goals”.
Üntel Cable, which started building the 2. Phase factory of their Dilova facility in a short time with the plan to increase capacity and add new technologies, also aims to rank among the First 500 Largest Industrial Companies in the coming years.