22 September 2021 Wednesday

Üntel Kablo has completed its R&D Center

Üntel Kablo has completed its  R&D Center

Innovation and R&D; these have become two indispensable elements for the sustainability of competition. The survival of businesses depends on their ability to develop efficient and effective new products and processes. In this context, R&D and innovation investments must planned and supported with projects to be developed. It is vital for businesses to conduct controlled and reliable production by carrying out R&D activities and to become a brand by commercializing their production for the sustainability of their competitiveness and economy in the global market. R&D Center investment has gained great importance for this very reason.

R&D Centers in Business; operate under Law No. 5746 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. R&D Centers established as a separate unit within the enterprise and equipped with various incentives and exemptions by the state, will be useful in terms of increasing productivity and profitability and enable the required transformation in the enterprise with the R&D activities. In this context Law 5746 aims to increase the international competitiveness of our business and our country, to improve innovation capacity and to create an industrial infrastructure suitable for innovation. From this point of view, the products and services developed in R&D centers not only benefit the company but also contribute to our country. An official "R&D Center" certified by the Ministry of Industry and Trade not only receives financial support but the audits and assignments provided by the program ensure that the "R&D Center" continuously produces new projects and improves itself and its technical infrastructure. 

Supplying cables to national and international products with over 15.000 varieties of products

As it is known, Üntel Kablo, a manufacturer of special and rubber cables, which has been operating in the cable sector for about 50 years, continues to grow by constantly improving and developing its capacity and quality.

Production, which started in 1972, continues at the Dilovası facility. With over 15,000 different products Üntel Kablo has supplied cables to many national and international projects such as the Turkish Petrol (TPAO) ESP Cable Design and Manufacturing Project, a Tunnel Drilling Machine (TBM Anadolu), Multi Purpose Amphibian Attack Ship TCG Anadolu, Ultramarine Polar Research Ship,  Petronas Maghtumguly Drilling Platform. As a special cable manufacturer, being involved in such national and international projects is achieved with a solid technical infrastructure, high quality personnel and a proactive approach. 

In the scope of Üntel Kablo’s upper management goals and R&D work, the company has taken its R&D, design and innovation work, which had been done within the company for years, and combined it all under the single roof of an “R&D Center”. Üntel Kablo R&D Manager Gürcan Gül said the following about the work being done: “We aimed both to improve ourselves and to contribute to our country achieving a better place in the ranking of R&D expenditures on the basis of countries on international platforms by formalizing the R&D studies and the budget allocated to R&D studies. This is the idea we set out with when we applied for our center and now we have successfully passed inspections for eligibility under Law 5746 and completed our establishment.”