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What is Commissioning and why is it important?

What is Commissioning and why is it important?

In the cable industry, when a business invests in new technology equipment, the commissioning process is an essential step towards successful operation of a plant. To best serve our customers and respond to their individual requirements, Gürfil offers a wide variety of pre- and after- sales services.
Each project of our customers is different and must have a unique plan to achieve the desired outcome. However, the overall process to plan and commission is similar in each case.   It consists of mechanical & electrical installations, software commissioning, optimization and personnel training.
Commissioning works help to identify deficiencies during installation, possible shortcomings in the operation of the equipment before the start of industrial use, and also to ensure its uninterrupted work throughout the entire period of exploitation.
The reliability of the entire production depends on the quality of commissioning work - this is the rule.
The commissioning and training carried out by highly professional engineers is an important part of the wide range of services provided by Gurfil. Let’s look at the most important steps for commissioning and startup.
Commissioning works are carried out according to the program approved by the Gurfil’ customers, which stipulates the terms, modes to which it is necessary to bring the equipment. Commissioning documentation is prepared in advance.  This includes the test plans and test procedures to be executed during commissioning, as well as materials for testing.  Any specialized test equipment or special tools are also defined prior to commissioning.

There are 2 options offered by Gurfil’ Machinery division:
Testing & Commissioning at Gurfil’ showroom
First option is commissioning and training on the equipment presented at the Istanbul Gurfil’ showroom or on equipment purchased by the customer.
The training includes a demonstration of the functionality, features and advantages of the equipment, recommendations of engineers on operating modes for different tasks. During the commissioning at showroom the customer has opportunity to take a part in production process: learn how to operate PLC Touch screen menu, set up overlap and pitch from the screen, how to install bobbins with a right tape angle and so on.

On-Site Commissioning
Another option is commissioning and personnel training at the customer facility. 
Gurfil’ engineers train personnel on the manufacture of the customer's products on the installed Gurfil’s equipment, taking into account some features of working on it, gives recommendations and tips on the optimal operating and maintenance conditions.
At the moment Gurfil offers  following Machines together with commissioning, training and after sales services:
• High Speed Vertical Braiding Machines (16 and 24 carrier);
• High Speed Vertical HEAVY Braiding Machine (16 and 24 carrier);
• High Speed Horizontal Braiding Machine (24, 32, 36 and 48 carrier);
• High Speed Mica Taping Machine (1,2,3 carrier, Pad and Spool head options) ;
• Wire rewinding line (semi and fully automatic);
• Pay-Off and Take-Up ;
• Spare parts for all equipment ;
• Air Wipe Units, ABS Spools.

It is not just a commissioning. We deliver real energy, time and cost savings in cable production lines that perform optimally and maximize efficiency and safety for our customers.

We hope that you will find a reliable partner in our Company!