17 Mayıs 2022 Salı



Why is it worth to cooperate with Gurfil in 2022?

Operating on the cable market since 1981, Gurfil has established itself as a reliable producer and supplier of foil-film-tape products for cable manufacturing, as well as responsible supplier of Braiding and Taping machines.

On the one hand, the growth of the cable industry in Turkey at a continuous pace in the context of the growing urbanization and developing infrastructure of the country, and on the other hand, the increase in production capacity through constant investment in modern technologies; all these allowed the company to cover a larger share of the domestic market and conquer the international markets.
Today, we can say with confidence that there is practically not a single cable plant where Gurfil products are not known.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, in 2021 we carried out on time commissioning and post-warranty maintenance of braiding and taping equipment, including training to work on new lines in a showroom in Istanbul, observing the necessary precautions.

The year 2021 gave us new permanent partners around the world, including Russian Federation, Belarus, and Ukraine, who are now working on a long-term basis with our materials.

The main consumers of cable and wire products are enterprises of the fuel and energy and construction industries, as well as the military-industrial complex. We are very pleased to observe for the last two years, the trend of growth in the output of cable products continues, which is associated, among other things, with the revival of construction. The program of subsidizing loan rates not only supported the population's demand for housing, but also led to an increase in the number of new projects that developers brought to the market. This, in turn, quite naturally led to an increase in the demand for cable and wire products, and hence the materials and equipment of Gurfil.

Based on 40 years of experience and on the results of our own technological developments, we present equipment and technologies for the cable industry to the market, supplying not just machines, but developing complex technological solutions designed to meet production needs, ranging from cable holdings to small businesses.

Cooperating with Russian enterprises, we focus on modern high-performance equipment: horizontal braiding machines, vertical taping machines, which allow producing cables that meet all safety requirements, as well as on the first-class materials (foil-film-tape) for cable manufacturing. Gurfil specializes in the following lines and their modifications for the production of cable and wire products:

• High-speed vertical Braiding machines (16 and 24 bobbins);
• High-speed horizontal Braiding machines (24,32,36,48 bobbins);
• Mica Taping Machine (1, 2 and 3 heads, can operate withpads and spools);

• Wire rewinding line (semi and fully automatic);

• Pay-Off and Take-Up;
• Spare parts for all equipment.
The indisputable advantages of using vertical taping machines for the application of fire-resistant GURFIL (however, like any other) mica tape allow cable manufacturers to increase significantly their productivity and produce reliable and safe cable.

Fully synchronized, easy to maintain and requiring minimal operator attention GURFIL machines provide our Customer to have following:
• to operate with an extended range of materials: Mica tape, ALU/PET film, PET film etc.;
• to have taping unite speed - up to 2500 rpm!
• SPOOL and PAD heads options;
• to occupy a minimum factory space due to vertical machine design;
• commissioning, operator training, after-sales guarantee by Gurfil engineers;
• spare parts are always available.

Increasing exports to the Russian and Belarus markets is one of our priorities in 2022 as well. Therefore, we offer favorable conditions to our customers.

A well-developed logistics system between Russia and Turkey allows for door-to-door delivery in the shortest possible time.

Along with the equipment, Gurfil supplies cable enterprises with flexible cable raw materials such as Foil-Film-Tape including:
• Mica Tape (phlogopite, phlogopite with silicone backing, muscovite and synthetic);
• CU/PET, CU/PET/SY laminates;
• Polyester film;
• Foamed PP tape;
• Kraft paper & Crepe paper;
• PP Identification tape;
• Fiberglass tape;
• Semi conductive tape & Swellable tape;
• Fleece, Bedding, TNT tape;
• Non-Conductive Polyester non-woven tape;
• Rip cord yarn;
• Fiberglass yarn;
• Water-blocking yarns-  available from stock.

Continuously repeating orders from our established partners (buyers of our equipment, as well as foil-films-tape) are the most convincing argument for your choice in favor of Gurfil equipment and raw materials.

We hope that 2022 will allow us to gain  new partners and friends around the world with whom we will certainly build long-term mutually beneficial relationships!