24 July 2024 Wednesday

Erat Cable

Erat Cable

Production at fiber speed, international quality…
Erat Cable, preferred in over 35 countries

Contributing internationally to Turkey's image and quality perception with high quality products manufactured in its modern facility in Kayseri, Erat Cable continues to promote Turkey and its products in new markets through continuous R&D work. We spoke to Erat Cable General Manager Fatih Erkan.

Can you tell us about your company and product varieties?
Our company, which is the leading Fiber Optic Connection Equipment and Accessories Manufacturer in our country, was established in 1998 to do fiber optic cable assembly and fiber optic cable splicing work. We have a wide range of products that appeal to the entire telecommunication sector. Our production is done in integrated facilities on a total area of 10000 m², 6000 m² of which is indoor area, in accordance with ISO 9001 standards and observing ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 requirements, by our expert team with knowledge and experience, using machines and methods suitable to the latest technological developments. ISO quality certificates issued as a result of periodic inspections by national and international audit companies, are an expression of the trust shown in the ERAT CABLE brand, products and company. In addition to fiber optic cables, copper data cables, splice boxes, patch panels, fiber optic and data accessories are also produced in our factory. Our company, which operates on the motto "Ask and We Will Produce at Fiber Speed", has made the ERAT brand a respected brand preferred in more than 35 countries abroad, as well as in the domestic market, based on the experience we have gained in the sector and the high quality products we offer. As ERAT Cable, we are proud to be a rapidly growing brand of our sector and to share our success and quality with our valued customers.

Can you evaluate the year 2021 in terms of your sector? Was it a plus year for the domestic and export markets?
Although we have gone through a stagnate period due to the Covid-19 epidemic, which has affected the entire world we are in, and the problems we experienced in the raw material supply process, we, as the Erat Cable family, have achieved our goals for 2021.
We have created a strong infrastructure in our domestic and international channels with our company strategy, which we have created based on a complete understanding of the demands of our sector and our customers. Despite the challenging conditions of 2021, we completed the year by achieving the growth we had targeted and by collaborating with new companies. We aim to grow even more in 2022 by further increasing our work.

We read that some countries have started to relax their pandemic measures in recent days. How do you evaluate this situation? When can you see the results?
The pandemic was a difficult and wearisome process for all of humanity. Of course, it negatively affected many companies as a sector. Thanks to the measures we have taken and the work we have done in this process, we have tried to minimize this negative effect. We continued to move forward by adapting to the Market demands that changed and developed after Covid-19. We all know that in order to be able to respond to incoming demands and meet the needs of our customers production and sales cannot stop, this is also true for countries that have the same global problem as us. This is why I feel it is right for countries to start relaxing pandemic measures. Because I think we have to leave this period that has impacted our economic and sociocultural activities so deeply behind us with the least amount of damages and losses. This is why we need to accept a normalization process and keep up with loosening measures.
Thanks to countries beginning to loosen measures, movements and demands in the market have started to increase. We as the Erat Cable family expect even more movement in the coming days.

To what extent does the current domestic-foreign economic conjuncture affect your raw material and input supply? What are the advantages and disadvantages of current conditions in terms of international competition?
As I mentioned before, we had a stagnant period because of the covid pandemic in the raw material supply process, but the challenges we faced were never to the extent that our factory was in a difficult situation and were unable to find raw materials. We spoke to our business partners and suppliers for the portions of our raw material supply that we projected would be problematic and took the necessary precautions, made investments and continued production without slowing down.
The fluctuating exchange rates caused sales prices to increase in the domestic market and, although causing stagnation in the market, increased foreign market demands.
Our company strategy and attitude, which we created to compete with other manufacturers in our country and abroad, continues in the same way.

Which markets are you targeting in 2022?
While new markets are also among our plans, we also aim to establish vendors in cities where we can appeal to more walks of life. We will also establish vendors with international companies in line with our goal to become a worldwide brand and continue Domestic and National production with new projects and new business partners.
In addition to reaching new markets, we as the Erat Cable family will increase our investments in technological infrastructure and R&D investments in line with our vision and mission. We will be concentrating not only on sales but on investments for our work in 2022. We are planning to invest in new machinery in order to respond to the demands of our customers more quickly and to increase our production capacity at the same time. Of course, we also aim to increase our employment at the same rate.

Anything you wish to add…
We have opened our Ankara Regional Directorate adding a new investment to many others we have made on this path we have been working on for 24 years.
Our new regional directorate in Çankaya YDA Center provides service with its strong and dynamic team. Our investments will continue in different regions in the coming days to provide better service to our customers.
Thank you for having us in this edition as the Erat Cable family.