14 June 2024 Friday

SAMP: when solid financial basis meets traditional technological development

SAMP: when solid financial basis meets traditional technological development

SAMPSISTEMI is proud to announce its recent acquisition by Swiss-based HVD Partners.

This important step provides SAMP with a solid financial base that will allow it to continue to innovate and to better serve its valued clients in Turkey. The company has thus preserved its legacy of Italian engineering, craftsmanship and innovation.

SAMP S.r.l., runs its activities in Italy, China, the USA and Brazil, whose products are delivered to Turkish customers;  SAMP’s operations as a whole, its 80+ years of wire and cable industry experience, knowledgeable employees and production sites will all be maintained.

Our Turkish customers will immediately benefit from the positive effects of this step forward for the company. They can count on a reliable partner able to help them successfully master today’s wire and cable production challenges and tomorrow’s new opportunities.

The new company details are:

SAMP S.r.l.
Via Saliceto 15,
40010 Bentivoglio (Bologna) – Italy
VAT number: IT03965201209
 Local agent OMEGA – Mr. Aziz Hudai Kocabalkanli
Mobile: 532 371 9429
E-Mail: omega3ltd@gmail.com

 Contact in Italy – Mr. Giorgio Albertazzi
Mobile: +39 334 66 80 963
E-Mail: g.albertazzi@sampgroup.com
To SAMP the Turkish market represents a key focus for its complete range of products
- RBD lines
- Multiwire drawing lines
- Double twist bunchers up to 1600mm reels
- Extrusion lines and components

It is worth stressing that all SAMP machines are developed according to the most recent innovations of Industry 4.0 to allow customers to manage all production and maintenance data remotely in an easy and convenient way.
SAMP is also equipped to manage complex machinery upgrades and complete retrofits thus enabling the end user to increase equipment reliability and minimize costs with a guaranteed result.