14 Haziran 2024 Cuma



Gurfil - reliability and quality for more than 40 years.

The history of our company is an example of stability and a professional approach to the production of flexible insulating materials and the supply of braiding and taping  machines.
At the core of Gurfil's production  is the pursuit of quality and innovation. We are constantly looking for new technologies and approaches to improve our products and services. We are proud that every project we implement meets the highest requirements of our clients.
Today our company is one of the leading suppliers on the market of materials and equipment for the production of cable and wire products. We continue to develop and expand our capabilities. Our team is ready for new challenges and confident in its abilities to overcome crises and difficulties, which only make us stronger.
 Gurfil specializes in following lines and their modifications for the production of cable and wire products:
• High-speed vertical Braiding machines (16 and 24 heads);
• High-speed horizontal Braiding machines (24,32,36,48 heads);
• Mica Taping Machine (1, 2 and 3 heads, can operate with pads and spools);
• Wire rewinding line (semi and fully automatic);
• Pay-Off and Take-Up;
• Spare parts for all equipment.

Undeniable advantages of using vertical taping machines for the application of fire-resistant Gurfil mica tape allow cable manufacturers to increase significantly their productivity and produce reliable and safe cable.
Fully synchronized, easy to maintain and requiring minimal operator attention GURFIL machines provide our Customer to have following:
• to operate with an extended range of materials: Mica tape, ALU/PET film, PET film etc.;
• to have taping unite speed - up to 2500 r.p.m.!
• SPOOL and PAD heads options;
• to occupy a minimum factory space due to vertical machine design;
• commissioning, operator training, after-sales guarantee by Gurfil engineers;
• spare parts are always available.
Along with the equipment, Gurfil supplies cable enterprises with flexible cable raw materials such as Foil-Film-Tape including:
• Mica Tape (phlogopite, phlogopite with silicone backing, muscovite and synthetic);
• CU/PET, CU/PET/SY laminates;
• Polyester film;
• Foam PP tape;
• Kraft paper & Crepe paper;
• PP Identification tape;
• Water blocking conductive and non-conductive tapes;
• Non-Conductive Polyester non-woven tape;
• Semi conductive and non-conductive tape;
• Fleece, Bedding, TNT tape;
• Fiberglass tape;
• Rip cord yarn;
• Water-blocking yarns-  available from stock;
• Fiberglass yarn;

Well-established logistics and financial chains, tested many times during the implementation of our projects, offer you a wide range of opportunities for your business.

Establishing permanent and long-term mutually beneficial commercial and economic relations with our Buyers is our long-term goal and task. 95% of cable factories in Turkey are our customers. Many factories around the world work with us on a permanent basis. A wide range of materials offered, flexibility in resolving issues, focus on ongoing cooperation - these are our priorities and strengths.
We invite you to visit our stand №9A74  at Wire  2024 trade show (15-19th of April, Dusseldorf, Germany). We are looking forward to introduce our last solutions, discuss cooperation opportunities and exchange ideas in person.