14 Haziran 2024 Cuma



Maillefer Unveils Cutting-
Edge Innovations at Wire – Get a Sneak Peek into Our Showcase

Get ready to witness a convergence of revolutionary technologies at the upcoming Wire Düsseldorf show, where innovation meets excellence. Our live components showcase promises to be a game- changer by featuring a lineup that spans across diverse industry needs.

Live Components Highlights

Immerge into the future of precision with our advanced Topography Scanner 2.0, where cutting- edge technology meets unparalleled accuracy. Explore the possibilities of seamless topography scanning. Get up close to high-resolution surface scanning that redefines industry norms.

You'll elevate your operation levels with the ECH 35/45 Cleaning & Handling System. It sets new standards for efficiency and performance. Experience the precision of automated die centering with the ECH 35/45 Automatic Crosshead Centering. It helps you gain the upper hand in streamlining processes. The power of the THC 50/90 Crosshead is ready to be unleashed with unparalleled efficiency in cable manufacturing.

Delve into the future with the fiber optics FTU/FPO Take-up & Pay-off technology. The components are designed to meet the evolving production demands generated by high-speed data transmission. Experience a seamless connection with innovative design.

The next-generation Drop Cable TM1250 takes cable technology to new heights by offering a perfect blend of durability and performance. Stay ahead in the competitive landscape with this cutting-edge solution. Because throughput matters, our NXW 225 Extruder is there for you to explore the future of extrusion technology. The sizeable machine sets standards for precision and output in cable manufacturing.

From our aftermarket offerings, start discovering reliability like never before with our most recent
Nomos Process Supervisor Unit. The PSU is a testament of our commitment towards uninterrupted

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operations. You will also experience an upgrade of enhanced efficiency with our automatic take- ups, featuring a revolutionary EKP 50/63 card rack replacement for extended lifetime and functionality.

Maillefer Factory System lets you witness the seamless integration of technologies designed to optimize production processes and enhance overall efficiency.

Get a Glimpse

Join us at this key industry event and gain insight into tomorrow's technology. You'll have an exclusive opportunity to participate in an experience that transforms. The Maillefer showcase reveals our dedication to pushing forth the boundaries of innovation.

The technology highlighted is tightly coupled with our transition to green energy sources and manufacturing best practices. Attending the Wire show means participating in the needed changes for our industry while taking a competitive step ahead to realize those changes.

Be prepared to glimpse the future and witness the changes unfolding before you. Count on being with us at Wire Düsseldorf this spring. We're counting on you.